Protein Choices

Grilled or Cajun
Braised Pork
Carne Asada
fish sketch
Grilled or Cajun
Wild Caught
Polynesian Sauteed
Polynesian Sautéed
Seasoned, Protein Substitute
fish sketch

Munchies – CO

  • Chips & Salsa

    w/ guacamole (extra charge) w/ queso (extra charge)
  • Baja Rolls™

    Chicken, cream cheese, spinach & pico hand-rolled in a flour tortilla.
  • Chicken Taquitos

  • Loaded Nachos

    Protein, beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa & jalapeños
  • Cheese Quesadilla

    Protein, cheese, sour cream, salsa & guacamole
    Add protein for extra
  • Maui Onion Rings

    Crunchy and Beer battered
  • Fries

Tacos & Enchiladas – CO

  • Taco

    Protein choice with corn tortilla, cheese, green sauce, and citrus slaw
  • Enchilada

    Protein choice w/ Green Sauce or Red Sauce & melted cheese
  • #1 Combo

    One taco or enchilada w/ rice & beans
  • #2 Combo

    Two tacos or enchiladas w/ rice & beans
  • 3 Street Tacos

    Two chicken or carnitas with cilantro and onion

And More…- CO

DRESSING CHOICES - Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette, Low-Fat Roasted Pepper Cilantro
  • Paleo Platter

    Two protein choices with fajita veggies, citrus slaw, field greens & guacamole
  • Tostadas

    Protein, guacamole, cheese, citrus slaw & avocado slice
  • Torta Sandwich

    Protein, cheese, guacamole, citrus slaw w/ green sauce w/ chips and salsa
  • Wahoo’s Salad

    Your choice of protein with cheese, guacamole, salsa & corn tortilla strips
  • Baja Salad

    Protein, lettuce, citrus slaw, rice, beans, pico & cheese
  • Loaded Chicken Tortilla Soup

    Chicken tortilla soup w/ Cajun beans, brown rice, cheese, tortilla strips & avocado slices
  • Original Chicken Tortilla Soup

Burritos and Bowls – CO

  • Outer Reef Burrito

    Protein, cheese, lettuce, rice, beans, green sauce & pico
    - w/ sour cream & guacamole (extra charge)
  • Banzai Burrito® (CO)

    Protein, Fajita veggies, rice, beans, green sauce & pico
  • Mr. Lee’s SCReaM’n Chicken burrito

    Spicy Chicken, rice, Mushrooms, Cheese, Green Sauce & famous Mr. Lee's Spicy Chili Sauce
  • Fast Break Burrito

    Chicken or Carnitas with rice, cajun beans, cheese & green sauce
  • Chimichanga

    Protein, rice, beans, smothered in queso w/ spicy red sauce & ranch
  • Wahoo’s Bowl (CO)

    Protein, rice, beans and pico
  • Kahlua Maui Bowl

    Teriyaki protein, rice, beans, pico and cilantro
  • Banzai Bowl (CO)

    Large Wahoo's Bowl or Kahlua Maui Bowl w/ fajita veggies
  • Smother any Burrito or Bowl

    w/ red or green sauce & cheese or queso

Kids’ Meals – CO

*Served w/ fries or rice & beans
  • Kid’s Bowl

    Protein, rice & beans
  • Kid’s Plate*

    Taco or cheese enchilada
  • Mini Cheese Quesadilla*

  • Kid’s Chicken Nuggets*

  • Black Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito

Drinks – CO

  • Triple Threat Margarita

  • Agave Margarita

    (195 Calories)
  • Beer

    Canned or Bottled
  • Draft or Pitcher

    Where available
  • Colorado Wine or Cider

    Infinite Monkey Theorem, Denver
  • Fountain Drinks

  • Bottled Drinks